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Tuum Est: Gabapentin Series

Our new Gabapentin Series is a journalistic exposé of deceptive Neurontin research. A real-life case illustrates Pfizer's symbiotic marketing strategy with GPs. The Early Clinical Trials and Phase IV Seeding Trial are probed. Gabapentin Watch catalogs the chaotic views found among top medical journals, consumer sources, and Regulatory Agencies. The original Gabapentin patent concedes its only action is soporific. Then Pfizer bought Parke-Davis, and the Neurontin Franchise was born …

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Plensa Sculpture

Patient Satisfaction Survey: Internet ID Options

Dr. Jeffrey Segal retired his Gag Contract and now favors rating sites. Did he reinvent himself, or just become more artful? His Medical Justice malpractice plan is now tooled with a Patient Survey to collect reviews right at a clinic. Segal shamelessly coaches MDs to cherry-pick which patients to ask. Any review less than 5-star can get spiked. Segal avers: Your Account Manager studies every review you collect and if we catch something unfavorable, we'll notify you so you can take defensive action. Other wiles exist …

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Voiceprint Waveform

Apple:  Active Pursuit of Cellphone Metadata and Voiceprints

Apple takes an active (not passive) role in NSA PRISM data-mining. Apple Support reps now pressure customers for telephone contact as an end in itself, while tech questions fall by the wayside (evidence: Chat Transcripts). Why the single-minded pursuit of phone calls when metadata is barren? Just this: Smartphones contain voice-recognition software that can analyze and store your voiceprint on company servers. This biometric is a unique identifier, similar to a fingerprint …

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CMPA Ottawa
CMPA Building, Ottawa

Canadian Medical Protective Association

The Canadian Medical Protective Association defends doctors sued for negligence in civil court, and defends against Criminal charges if the felony grew out of the medical practice. Currently led by Dr. Debra Boyce, the CMPA has long employed scorched earth tactics to vanquish patient complaints. But the glossy book History of the CMPA, self-published on their 100-year anniversary, reveals a more chilling trend: For a century the CMPA has been stacking the judicial bench …

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Medical Arts Building

Medicare Fraud in Canada

As house physicians at Whitecap Care Home in Saskatoon, the Nayar group misused the health number of a resident, billing $2,892.00 for 134 appointments that never took place. The scam likely extended to 6 other residents, for a total fraud of $20,244. Things fell apart when a patient applied for her Statement of Practitioner Services and saw red flags including excess appointments; location paradoxes; and billing for non-urgent care on statutory holidays. Read Dr. Arun Nayar's confession and the MCIB Ruling …

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Nodes of Ranvier

Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Physiology and Physics

Under an electron microscope, a peripheral nerve resembles beads on a string: The axon is the string; myelin segments are the beads; and Nodes of Ranvier are the gaps between beads. Nerve signals travel rapidly by saltatory conduction, but the signal is delayed at the start of each Node while ion-exchange takes place. After Guillain-Barre, your myelin segments are shorter than before, and the Nodes more numerous. More gaps to jump equals more places to slow down. This source of post-GBS fatigue is very real …

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RSD Bone Scan

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy  (CRPS Type I)

A Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan (three-phase bone scintigraphy) is useful to diagnose the condition Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Expect different results during the distinct stages of RSD. Stage I (left) brings increased vascularity and diffuse increased uptake of the radioactive tracer. Note peri-articular uptake around the toe joints. This case of RSD was a complication of a surgical biopsy performed by Dr. Jeff McKerrell …

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McGill Pain Scale

McGill Pain Index

Pain pioneers Wall and Melzack of McGill University developed a method to pinpoint the quality and degree of a patient's pain. Their McGill Pain Questionnaire was so accurate and practical it became a worldwide standard. Next to be developed was the McGill Pain Index, a bargraph to quantify pain and remove subjectivity. On the McGill Index, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy measures 42 out of a maximum 50. RSD is the most painful chronic disease known …

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Dr Joel Yelland

Dr. Joel Yelland:  Off-Label Use of Neurontin for RSD

Dr. Yelland eagerly told me Neurontin would alleviate the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in my right foot. Dutifully I tried this medicine for 3 separate times over two months. It did not improve my RSD pain at all, but did cause a side-effect of a constant diffuse headache. When I explained, Yelland became waspish. Here is why: Pfizer's marketing tactics were symbiotic, offering profit to the doctor as well as to Pfizer. When the written Rx ceased, Yelland's financial kickbacks from Pfizer ceased …

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RUH Saskatoon

Dr. Kenneth Blocka – Negligence: Mayo Clinic Referral

Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon was home to rheumatologist Dr. Kenneth Blocka when he botched a referral to the Mayo Clinic. When his negligence was held to account, Dr. Blocka embarked on a malicious, prolonged backlash which in modern legal terms is called stalking by proxy. Two Affidavits for Q.B. #514/87 place the reprisal tactics on record, including threats from Blocka that If you bash anyone long enough they are bound to break down. Dr. Blocka was issued with a Restraining Order …

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Tile: Growth

Doctor Rating Sites:  March to Maturity

Doctor-rating sites began as a storehouse of facts and shrewd observations that skewered privilege and dissected clinical skills. After weathering the gag waivers of Jeffrey Segal, these sites inspired growth. The British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons launched an official Patient Survey that makes patient feedback part of the annual mandatory revalidation process for each doctor in that province. But online, the practice of astroturfing tends to muddy the waters: ignore five-star reviews …

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Dr Richard Kluft

The Physician as Perpetrator of Abuse

Dr. Richard Kluft analyzes seven varieties of abusive behavior by doctors. Unethical MDs may: 1) act as agents of social control; 2) subvert medical prerogatives for illicit purposes; 3) exploit the power of their profession to gratify personal needs; 4) allow their medical judgement to be co-opted by others whose intent is abuse; 5) provide suboptimal health care; 6) dehumanize medical care; and 7) abuse their trust to leverage sexual goals.

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College Seal

College of Physicians and Surgeons:  Failure to Warn

Over three years, patients of GP Dr. Joel Yelland observed his personality disintegrate. Through this, the College failed to warn the public. In the 1990s, sans computer, my web access was at the library where I scoured MedLine for current treatments for my disease. Not once did it cross my mind to search for details about the doctor. If I and others had, we would have learned of the Klassen tragedy. Judge Baynton impeached Yelland, who incited the false charges, for clouded judgement and irrational thinking

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Police Shield

Police Torts:  Sgt. James Bracken

Dr. Yelland cultivated police officer Sgt. James Bracken. Same song, second verse – An underage victim telephoned Bracken under police supervision to tape his admission of assault. When the tape was played in Provincial Court, Bracken pleaded guilty. Bracken was sentenced to 9 months in prison; his DNA is on record; and he retired early to evade Internal Affairs discipline. Witness his hollow remorse: After all this, Bracken still views vulnerability as an aphrodisiac, an invitation …

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Writer in Wheelchair

Legal Rights of the Physically Disabled

Any Canadian citizen has a duty and a right to be present at a court session where they are a named party. But if you are physically disabled, expect a battle. My experience over 7 years mirrors the experience of others. In Saskatoon courts, your physical disability will not be accommodated. Rather, it will be exploited. Absence from court due to illness will translate to absconding, and a Bench Warrant will issue, or worse, a Trial in Absentia will ensue. The Canadian Charter of Rights seeks to redress this history of exclusion …

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SCC Courtroom

Law:  Represent Yourself in Court

A Statement of Claim for malpractice must be filed within a strict limitation period. Another hurdle is a Motion to Strike your claim. A claim can legitimately be struck if it is unarguable in law, frivolous, or vexatious. If your claim is none of those, the MD may still use a Motion to Strike as a strategy to wear you down. Learn the concepts, precedents, and rules of court which form the bedrock of the claims process. Arrive in the courtroom armed with the knowledge to protect your claim …

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Georgena S. Sil


Wit and wisdom: Customer reviews, essays, humor that only patients can appreciate, and an escape into a world that is fair with puzzles. Sometimes the best writing one does is from a state of deep anger – such is the case with our favorites: First Seed (which doesn't show the anger) and Medi-Caper (which does). Webmaster and physicist Georgena S. Sil takes a special interest in the role of science in medicine. Planned for this site: Teaching vehicles on autoimmune disease; a full series on the CMPA; more classic precedents.

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