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Privacy Policy Ensures Confidentiality


Tuum Est has 3 cookies: all relate to the universal, broad statistics program called Google Analytics. Our Cookie Policy Page has details plus an illustrated Cookie Audit. Cookie Policy x

Send emails to share your story, to vent, comment, ask questions, offer suggestions, or just connect with someone whose journey mirrors your own.

I am interested in hearing about stereotypes toward the physically disabled: What is the nature of each stereotype? How firmly are they entrenched? Do they vary across regions of Canada, and across regions of the world? How do survivors adapt or teach others?

I reply to most emails, but time constraints mean that I cannot advocate, nor intervene, for people on an individual basis. Beyond our published webpages, we do preserve an archive of the material gathered during the (usually lengthy) preparation stage of each article. We respond to requests for this extra depth if you state a topic and keywords.

When you contact Tuum Est, your name, email address, and the experience you describe will not be published nor alluded to on this site without your express written permission. The points of our Privacy Policy related to correspondence are summarized below. To read the full policy please visit Tuum Est Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer:  My profession is physics, not law or medicine. Those readers in need of legal advice or medical expertise are advised to consult, in person, a professional in their own geographic region.

Signed: Georgena S. Sil
Tuum Est Webmaster

Privacy Policy / Summary

  • Tuum Est is a scholarly, not a commercial, website. We contain no advertising. We are neither affiliated with nor beholden to marketers.
  • When you contact us, your email address, your name, and other identifying details will remain private with the Tuum Est site.
  • If you share your personal experience, or if you write to request material from our archives, we will not publish your information, nor allude to it, without a prior written arrangement. Readers deserve confidentiality for legal and medical matters, which are personal and sensitive.
  • Tuum Est does not have Forum capability for general reader opinions. We do give space to readers who respond to an article that directly affects them. Such readers should submit their assent or dissent by email. If you send material for potential publication, split your email into two segments with clear headings saying ‘Material for Publication’ and ‘Material Not for Publication.’
  • Tuum Est is an advocacy site for people aware of injustice wrought by the medical or legal systems, or for people who experience injustice themselves. Consider Tuum Est a safe harbor where you may chronicle events or request resources (privately by email), or read our webpages — and leave no tracking footprints.
  • The Tuum Est Privacy Policy is designed to assist and encourage the average reader. We had to call upon a legal public safety exception only once in our history, when we worked with law enforcement during a sustained DDoS attack.
  • In light of that experience, we wrote an adjunct policy page to cover, and explain, the concept of Privilege: Exceptions and Exclusions. Our position: The Tuum Est Privacy Policy does not shield cyber-criminals. When communication occurs for the purpose of DDoS, fraud or other crime, expect investigative journalism.
  • Re email etiquette and cyber safety, Tuum Est follows the policies recommended by Cyber-Safe Canada.
Georgena S. Sil
Saskatoon, Canada
Physicist & Technical Writer
Alumnus: University of British Columbia
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Afremov: Green Life

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That, whatsoever falls my better mind,

Revolving with the accidents of life

Never did I, in quest of right and wrong,

Tamper with conscience from a private aim.

William Wordsworth

The Prelude (Book 14)

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