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Tuum Est:  Cookie Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2019

Tuum Est is a scholarly site focused on medical and legal writing – aiming for unique and less common topics – plus science analysis, puzzles, reflections, and the occasional customer review. We aim to teach and provide resources. Our audience includes the physically disabled community worldwide. To ensure Tuum Est is accessible to the citizens of Europe, we are compliant with the European Union Cookie Legislation.

Physically disabled persons face unique obstacles in life. Tuum Est therefore follows the lines of reader interest. For that purpose we rely on the near-universal Google Analytics which requires the three cookies _ga, _gid, and _gat_gtag. Those three cookies are the only ones used on our site.

What the Cookies Do

Our cookies process anonymous data (not connected to any specific user name). Google Analytics is a program which collects broad statistics on such things as Page Views (the number of people visiting a page), Time on Page (to find out whether a visitor stays on a page long enough to read it), and the converse called the Bounce Rate (whether a visitor hits the browser Back Button).

Tuum Est wants to keep our Bounce Rate low, to confirm our work is worthwhile. The statistics let us discover the greatest needs of the disabled community. We tailor our site to this reality.

What the Cookies Don’t Do

The Google Analytics cookies do not – in fact, cannot – track you by name. Refer to the help page Google Analytics: Safeguarding Your Data.  Tuum Est sells no products, thus we don't use cookies to collect sensitive information such as name, email address, login password, or credit-card number. Tuum Est has no connection to marketers, nor do we publish third-party advertisements. Our cookies collect broad statistical data: We never customize a webpage for individual visitors, and we never collect data to personalize an ad campaign.

Cookie Management

A cookie is a small text file that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. Alternate names are HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie. The cookie allows the website to remember your actions or preferences over time. Most browsers support cookies, but users can set their browsers to decline them and can delete them whenever they like.

Access The Tuum Est webmaster has sole control over our cookies, and sole access to the cookie-related data.

Security The cookie-related information is not used to identify you personally and the pattern data is fully under our control. Our cookies are not shared across domains (that is, not with other websites). Our cookies are not used for any purpose other than what we describe here.

Control You can delete cookies any time. Each browser has its own protocol. The official site All About Cookies maintains up-to-date tutorials for the full array of browsers at Manage Cookies.

Cookie Audit:  Tuum Est Website

Cookie Name Owner Domain Duration Purpose Cookie Audit
_ga Google
cookie on
Tuum Est
2 years Collect aggregate data:  Broad site statistics Cookie Audit 2019
_gid Google
cookie on
Tuum Est
24 hours Collect aggregate data:  Broad site statistics Cookie Audit 2019
_gat_gtag Google
cookie on
Tuum Est
1 minute Throttle the request rate: Queue requests Cookie Audit 2019

Owner: Google Analytics

Domain: First-party cookie on Tuum Est

How to Perform a Cookie Audit on Any Website

To verify for yourself which cookies are set by a given webpage, you can perform a Cookie Audit. The Firefox browser yields the most comprehensive data about cookies. Follow these steps:

Firefox Cookie Audit
  • Connect to the internet and open your chosen webpage in Firefox.
  • Browser top menu bar:  Click Tools > Page Info.
  • An Information pane appears:  Click the Security tab.
  • Now click the View Cookies button.
  • In the new popup, click the name of a cookie to view details.

Cookies for the Technophile

Tuum Est uses only first-party persistent cookies. This means the cookies do not cross domains, and an expiry date is attached. We do not use any of: session cookies, third-party cookies, Flash cookies, or web beacons. We do not engage in the emergent technology of Browser Fingerprinting. To define some of these terms:

Text Cookie: Classified by Lifespan
  • Session Cookie:  Erased when you close your browser.
  • Persistent Cookie:  Remains on your computer for a pre-defined period of time.
Text Cookie: Classified by Domain
  • First-Party Cookie:  Set by the web server of the page you are visiting. Such cookies are restricted to a single domain, matching the domain of the visited site.
  • Third-party Cookie:  Stored by a different domain than that of the webpage you are visiting. This can happen when the webpage references a file, such as JavaScript, located outside its domain. Third-party ads are a common example.
Advanced Cookie Types
  • Flash Cookie:  Set by the Adobe Flash application. These cookies are also known as Supercookies or Locally Stored Objects. Your defence is to stop using Flash.
  • Web Beacon: Tiny transparent image file (usually GIF format) used to monitor your journey around a single website or collection of sites. Also called a web bug. They are sometimes planted in emails: For this, your defence is to disable images in emails, unless from a source you trust.

Our Position on Targeted Advertising

Tuum Est does not believe in targeted advertising. Aside from being intrusive, it is futile. Suppose you plan to buy a new stove or a pair of winter boots. You browse the web, hitting several sites, then make a purchase. For the next several months (or years) targeted advertising stalks you like an avid puppy, nipping at your heels. To what aim? You won't buy another stove for 10 years, and your boots may last 3 years. Until ready to replace those items, you will ignore ads for similar products. Your life has moved on.

And that is why marketers are spending uber funds on technology to speed up data trafficking so that personalized advertising occurs in real-time. Most shoppers research a product online before making a decision. The time-lag between research and sale varies widely. Data brokers must strike at the beginning of that period, for the best chance of influencing a customer. That means the data broker must identify your interests within minutes. Consumer defence: Take time through the day to frequently clear your browser history (including cookies) and empty your browser cache.

The Cookie Law raised awareness and legislated constraints. But remember, this is an arms race. Advertising networks, out of self-interest, will soon make the text-cookie obsolete. The next wave of stealth tracking is already here – to ping back browser specifications without planting cookies on your device. The portrait includes screen size, time zone, installed system fonts and chosen browser plug-ins. If you identify a single machine, you identify its owner. Engineers say Browser Fingerprinting is so precise it makes a sham of privacy mode in a browser.

Tim Berners-Lee brought the military net into the public domain to evolve a modern-day Library of Alexandria. This academic realm is now a war zone. We gaze with sorrow on the hand-to-hand combat with data brokers; the separate law enacted to curb the separate stealth mode – always years too late. The giants – Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, plus the NSA and GCHQ – could lead a fundamental shift in attitude. Their current message is purblind hypocrisy: preaching the vacuous message we safeguard your privacy while behind the scenes at frenetic pace, vacuuming every iota of our personal interactions to store in purpose-built 10-exabyte data bunkers.

Georgena S. Sil
Saskatoon, Canada
Physicist & Technical Writer
Alumnus: University of British Columbia
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