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Tuum Est:  Frequently Asked Questions


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Navigating the Tuum Est Site

Global Navigation Series of nine slide-down panels under the masthead.

Feature Article Scholarly analysis and evidence in the realms of medicine and Canadian disability law. Under Reflections find essays, customer reviews, puzzles, and our social satire Medi-Caper.

Sidebar Related material: An Ethic Box forms a metaphor for the page (via photo and quotation). Local Navigation contains links to articles in the same category. One or more Quick Facts boxes offer ancillary material. Some sidebar photos have extra information on an overlay panel – to display it, look for an arrow underneath a photo and operate it as a three-way toggle (requires JavaScript):

Photo toggle: click the icons in any sequence
starting point: click to enlarge photo and make overlay visible
keep photo enlarged for viewing, but remove the overlay
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Will Tuum Est Implement Reader-Comment Areas?

The short answer is no. Reasons: (1) Moderating comments is labor-intensive; and (2) Comment regions use a scripting language called PHP which makes a webpage vulnerable to malware; (3) We don't require visitors seeking health or law resources to publicize their situation. The internet has thousands of Blogs and Forums which thrive on reader-input; the largest are run by teams and offer comprehensive services; thus readers have literally thousands of choices where they can place a comment outside of Tuum Est. Our favorites are listed in the Sidebar (right).

Different Ways to Communicate

Blogs and Forums are necessary and worthy vehicles. From time to time, the Tuum Est webmaster posts comments on external sites. When you contribute to a community debate, you can set down your experience with such accuracy there are no loopholes, then extrapolate to arguments why our social culture needs to mature or shift. Before the internet, community debate took place in the Letters to the Editor sections of our local newspapers – and those sections got a good workout. Not surprisingly, the web today is well-populated with Blogs and Forums.

Blog:  A site built from weekly or monthly posts, with a reader-comment area at the end of each article.

A Blog mirrors a Town Hall meeting which begins with a speech on a specific topic, then the floor is opened for discussion and debate by the audience.

Forum:  A site built entirely from reader input. The structure is an inverted-tree with broad divisions at the top, overseeing finer and finer sub-divisions called threads. The webmaster starts off with a few administrative threads; readers create the rest. Topics are as random and individual as the people who arrive at the forum to contribute. Eventually you learn that 95% of the threads pose questions, not solutions.

A Forum resembles a public park with a platform (or soapbox) in the center, where any citizen may stand in turn and speak his or her mind.

Academic Site:  A site with educational articles, polished, serious, and with depth. The stringent requirement for proof precludes random input from public visitors.

An Academic Site can be compared to a reference textbook on a library shelf: It is read-only, its input the sole responsibility of the author.

Tuum Est Set its Course

Tuum Est is a scholarly website, fairly academic in tone. Our purpose is to educate and inform, particularly on lesser-known medical and legal topics. This course, set at the outset, will remain. Webmaster Georgena Sil is a physicist, and articles on Tuum Est resemble physics research papers or encyclopedia entries, with everything proven as you go along.

In 2015, at the request of a reader, Tuum Est considered whether to develop a comment area. We decided no: The amount of time required to verify an author's identity, and authenticate his or her material, would preclude publishing reader contributions at this time.

Tuum Est Custom Designs

McGill Pain Scale

Also called:  McGill Pain Index or McGill Pain Graph

Tuum Est created its own graphic design of the McGill Pain Scale, based on the academic citations listed on our image. We cross-referenced the research papers from McGill University, organized the data, then digitized it by hand into a graph with pixel-perfect accuracy. This took time. Note: Tuum Est does not allow reprints of our McGill Pain Scale – no exceptions. We agree with readers who say the graph is important, and suggest these alternatives:

  • Anyone may freely link to the Tuum Est webpage that displays our McGill Pain Graph at:
  • Anyone may describe the graph in words, provided your words are original. But you may not reproduce the graph itself, nor hot-link to it. Note: The data belongs in the public domain, but the graphic design belongs to Tuum Est.
  • Think about constructing your own McGill Pain Scale. It can be simple or detailed. Start with the academic citations in the public domain. Treat the data with respect (represent it accurately), and acknowledge the researchers (Melzack, Wall et. al.).

Tuum Est Image Copyright Notice

Apart from artwork in the public domain, the images on the Tuum Est site remain under copyright to Webmaster Georgena Sil, exclusively and without exception. Our policy: You may read what we publish without a paywall, but you may not reproduce our images nor reuse our content.

Of special relevance are the scans of verified medical records, medical correspondence, and legal files whose paper originals belong to Georgena Sil. These inspired the theme of many Tuum Est webpages. In our articles we publish these scans as illustrations, and as solid forensic evidence to substantiate our investigative journalism. Our copyright notice appears as a meta-tag in the HTML code of each webpage, and we reproduce it here:

Georgena S. Sil
Saskatoon, Canada
Physicist & Technical Writer
Alumnus: University of British Columbia
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