In Morris Plains, New Jersey, one darkling night

Pfizer Sales Reps mesmerize GPs into a lockstep dance

We are the Lord of the Dance, said P !

The Neurontin Phase IV Seeding Trial
Study of Neurontin: Titrate to Efficacy, Profile of Safety

Mon - o Mon - o Ther - a - py  !

Forced Titration 2400 mg 3600 mg

Clinical trials purpose of high dose goes beyond profit

Harsh side-effects unblind patients trigger Placebo Effect

Pfizer Disclosure Policy close the research database, duck scrutiny

Gorson, lead mover and shaker for Off-Label use

MAC sends Serpell spinning !

Backonja backpedals through pooled results

Cochrane tumbles to hidden database

Reckless drives for an independent paper

POPP-ulace goes to court

· The Sunshine Law
· Whistleblower Dr. David Franklin
· Massachusetts District Court (Boston)


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