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Abscond vs Illness

Medical Evidence Exhibit List

Medical Evidence Brief (p 4)

Timeline:  Absconding vs. Illness

In Saskatoon Provincial Court, the Crown Prosecutor Robin Ritter lied to Judge Barry Singer, claiming that no medical evidence existed for scheduling my court sessions to accommodate my physical disability. In that false light, the Court made several serious decisions:

  • Judge Singer threatened me with a bench warrant.
  • I was ill in a nursing home, yet the Court declared that I had ‘absconded.’
  • On that basis, CCC section 544 was used to exclude me from my own Preliminary Inquiry.
  • Impact: when I was absent from court due to illness, my lawyer missed my input to prepare cross-examination questions.
  • The next court dates were still scheduled for a solid block of four full days, a schedule far too gruelling for me. In this way Ritter contrived a Trial in Absentia.

List of Attached Exhibits

  1. Letter from Robert Borden to Robin Ritter (Aug 10/04)
  2. Letter from Georgena Sil to Robin Ritter (Aug 16/04)
  3. Taxi receipts for Sil to/from Borden Law Office (Oct 29/04)
  4. Cover letter sent with precedent from Borden (Oct 29/04)
  5. Dr. Lorne Straza's second report (Nov 3/04) and Affidavit
  6. Dr. Lorne Straza's first report (Aug 3/04)
  7. Dr. Armstrong Mettle's report (Aug 3/04)
  8. Dr. Lawrence Taranger letter (Apr 16/04) and cystoscopy report (Feb 20/04)
  9. Dr. Gene Jonat report (Oct 1/03)
  10. Dr. Padmanabh consultation report (Sept 3/02) and obituary (May 11/04)
  11. Research abstract: Lupus Journal, v 8, 1999 (SLE and IVIG)
  12. Letter from Georgena Sil to Dr. Milton Baker (Sept 14/04)
  13. Page from Canadian Medical Directory (re Balakrishna & Baker)
  14. Letter from Georgena Sil to Dr. Balakrishna (June 24/04)
  15. Dr. Balakrishna medical note (March 9/04)
  16. Dr. Balakrishna referral form to Dr. Truchan (April 30/04)
  17. Letter from Georgena Sil to Dr. Truchan (May 5/04)
  18. Dr. Truchan reply to Georgena Sil (May 26/04)
  19. Dr. Donat consult report (Sept 29/00)
  20. Excerpt from Guillain-Barre "Overview for the Layperson"
  21. Report of EEG performed by Dr. Voll (Nov 1/00)
  22. Page re EEG Slowing and Fatigue from Am. J. Med. (v 105, 1998)
  23. Excerpt on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CMAJ, v 159, 1998)
  24. Legal precedent: Baillie v Crown Life, 1998 ABQB 88
  25. Preliminary Inquiry Transcript: pages 4-6, 141, 149, 272-276
  26. Precedent R. v. Garofoli 1990 SCC
  27. Precedent R. v. Pearson 1992 SCC
  28. Precedent R. v. Schneider 2003 NSSC
  29. Precedent McLachlan v The Queen 1984 ONHC, upheld 1986 ONCA
  30. Precedent R. v. Skogman 1984 SCC
  31. Precedent R. v. Arcuri 2001 SCC
  32. List of times I went outside my residence in April/May/June/04
  33. Letter from Georgena Sil to Linda Bogart (Dec 14/04) plus list of write-ups prepared by Sil for attorney Borden
  34. Excerpt (page 148) from Klassen decision K. v. Miazga 2003 SKQB 559
  35. Textbook excerpts on RSD (causalgia) and the McGill Pain Index
  36. Nuclear Medicine: Bone Scan report and film (Jan 31/00) re RSD
Georgena S. Sil
Saskatoon, Canada
Physicist & Technical Writer
Alumnus: University of British Columbia

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