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Court-Appointed Attorney Robert Borden

Can You Dismiss Court-Appointed Counsel?

SCC Ruling:  Brydges Duty Counsel Service

In R. v. Brydges, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that a temporary lawyer (Duty Counsel) shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to any person detained by police.

Duty Counsel representation is minimal, and may be contrary to your interests (read commentary from Clarence Darrow in sidebar).

For legal advice as a case proceeds, a client must apply for, and quality for, Legal Aid in a specific province. At a Legal Aid Office, the lawyers are assigned on rotation, thus clients cannot exercise choice in which lawyer represents them.

A Legal Aid Office sometimes farms out a case to a lawyer in private practice, for example when a conflict of interest is found, or during a period of strenuous workload.

R. v. Brydges 1990 SCC

A Review of Brydges Duty Counsel

Canadian Charter of Rights

Financial Summary:  Saskatoon Attorney Robert Laird Borden
Source:  Law Society Amended Formal Complaint (2015)
Saskatoon lawyer Robert Borden misappropriated from his trust account the sums at right: 2011 Sept 8 $4,200
2011 Sept 9 $3,000
Total $7,200
For the clients listed at right, Robert Borden:
  • failed to act in a diligent, conscientious & efficient manner;
  • failed to complete any of the services for which he was retained;
  • failed to deposit retainers to his trust account (the amounts are listed at right)
Client J.I. $2,200
Client D.L. $1,116
Client B.W. $1,500 and $200
Client L.U. $3,900
Client P.L. $825
Client K.S. $7,550
Client A.K. $20,000
Client L.K. $1,100
Client M.C. $1,100
Client M.J. $1,417
Total $40,908

Letter Terminating Court-Appointed Attorney Robert Borden
Reasons Cited / Addressed to Judge Barry Singer

Reply from Provincial Court Judge Barry Singer
Allows Firing of Court-Appointed Attorney Robert Borden

Letter from Judge Singer to fire attorney Robert Borden
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