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DDoS and the Small Website

DDoS Attack on Tuum Est:  Server Logs

and Server Alerts from Web Host Arvixe

987,000 hits during January 2015 (DDoS peak). Norm is 3000 hits per month.

February 2014
to January 2015

Monthly Stats
Tuum Est
Server Log

Legal evidence:
987,001 hits
for January
compared to a
norm of 3000
hits during a
typical month

DDoS attack focused at 18:00 and 19:00 hours; damps rapidly over next 2 hours.

January 2015
Hourly Stats
Tuum Est
Server Log

DDoS activity:
Cliff-like peak
at 18:00 - 19:00
hours; damps
swiftly over
next 2 hours

January 13 shows DDoS probe to test server defences. Hits: 707,253 in one day.

January 2015

Daily Stats
Tuum Est
Server Log

High peak of
January 13 is
a DDoS attack;
may have been
a probe to test
server defences

January 13 was
the day the
hacker sent his
first email
to Tuum Est

Graph does not
show main attack
in late January:
it overwhelmed
and shut down
the Emu server

Usage statistics by country for January 2015

January 2015

By Country

Tuum Est
Server Log

Web host Arvixe: Server Alert. Sustained DDoS attack on Emu server. Law enforcement notified.
Arvixe Emu server monitoring. Sustained DDoS attack, several episodes, January 25-28 of 2015.
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