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Dr. Blocka Threatened to Bash Patients Until They Break Down

Affidavit / Negligence  (page 2)


THAT although I located another general practitioner, Dr. R. Chernoff, who was prepared to take my case a short time later, this physician also terminated his care of me in or about July 1987. Initially the intended standard of technical medical care was good, though progress was complicated by both the confusion in the medical history, and the emotional violence promulgated from the Defendant. To expedite matters, a high level of patient-participation was proposed and accepted between myself and Dr. Chernoff.

However, I was at the same time subjected to escalating wounding emotional abuse from Dr. Chernoff, particularly following service of my Statement of Claim upon the Defendant. Dr. Chernoff eventually terminated his services to me with the admission that he felt he was having to serve two masters with the need to provide good medical care and simultaneously receiving instructions from the medical community to abuse this patient emotionally and keep her so upset that she wouldn't be able to organize any legal action against Dr. Blocka.


THAT since July 1987 my condition has not improved and I remain weak from the constant grinding bone pain associated with the bone inflammatory disease from which I suffer as well as the bladder disease which is returning. The sudden and unwarranted withdrawal of support by the third general practitioner I had consulted in a year's time, coupled with the pain of my disease, gastrointestinal bleeding and other side-effects of treatment, and the stress of unchecked emotional abuse was overwhelming.


THAT my requirements for responsible medical care meant that I, though exhausted, had to continue with diligent effort my attempts to find a permanent family physician, and since about August 1987 I have approached no less than ten general practitioners, only to have my case repeatedly rejected. I was repeatedly advised on these occasions, and I do verily believe the same to be true, that the basis of rejection was that my case involves a complicated technical medical history, that my case would therefore be time-consuming when doctors are paid the same regardless of the scale of complexity or time-length of a consultation, and not least that my case was associated with a complaint necessarily lodged against one member of their own community.

THAT on several occasions during said period I have had to attend at the emergency department of St. Paul's Hospital, and the Minor Emergency Clinic on Laurier Drive, Saskatoon, to obtain what would be termed maintenance-level medical care, including anti-inflammatory medication for relief of the severe pain I was suffering, plus blood tests required for monitoring this treatment, as I had no family physician to turn to to obtain same at that point in time.


THAT because of numerous things stated to me, I believe that it has become common knowledge within the medical community that I am taking action against Dr. Blocka, and that this has led to a punitive attitude towards my person and medical case. The reason I believe this is because of the following experiences I was subjected to on a widespread basis during the interviews with the said physicians I consulted since August 1987. On numerous occasions I was told, including but not limited to the following, and I verily believe the same to be honest and accurate representation:

  1. I was left with the impression that only premeditated mistakes, and not mistakes of professional neglect or mismanagement, are considered accountable within the medical profession, when I heard repeatedly that while Dr. Blocka certainly made a lot of mistakes in his referral of my case to the Mayo Clinic, Those mistakes weren't intentional, were they? and therefore such mistakes were not held to account.
  2. I was told many times that I was supposed to find out how much power the medical system really has, and that I was supposed to feel that this power was almost frightening.
  3. I was told that if you bash somebody long enough they will eventually break down, and that Dr. Blocka and Dr. Wyant said they hope to make you break down someday.
  4. I was told that You'll pretty much have to expect doctors to write maliciously about you now, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  5. I was told that doctors were supposed to look up names in the dictionary to call you, and that everyone was supposed to say you were too different and make you realize that you just wouldn't belong unless you stopped writing letters to doctors.
  6. I continued to hear that doctors were very angry and that Dr. Blocka was trying to find out all your sources of support with the goal of trying to turn them into sources of harassment.


THAT because of the lack of relief from the many general practitioners already referred to, I have also spent a considerable amount of time researching in the Health Sciences Library, as best I can with my training in a different science. (I have a Master of Science degree in Physics and worked as a Physicist until my disease resulted in giving up my employment.)

I have handily found the latest literature and research available in medical journals regarding the bone disease Osteitis Pubis, in order that this working-diagnosis may be confirmed or refuted in my case. Additionally I have researched some rheumatology literature for the realistic purpose of further applying general anti-inflammatory treatments, which are well-established for other more common inflammatory diseases, over to my bone disease, for either interim or permanent treatment.

I have approached every physician I have consulted over the past year and several months with the indication that, should they be prepared to undertake my care, I would do everything in my power to make sure they have accurate medical records and the most relevant information I could obtain with respect to my disease. Nevertheless I continue to search for a physician who is prepared to undertake my case and work with me on a long term basis to alleviate the excruciating pain from which I suffer on a daily basis as well as search for a long term treatment, if not cure, for my disease.


THAT when I received the letter dated August 18, 1988 from the Defendant's solicitors requesting that I discontinue my action against the Defendant, I wrote back to said solicitors informing them that I had no intention of discontinuing my action against Dr. Blocka and explaining the substantive reasons why I had not to date undertaken any further steps in the action. The reasons are:

  1. I explained that the effects of Dr. Blocka's conduct with respect to my referral to the Mayo Clinic and his involvement with my medical condition are not yet fully discovered. This situation is attributed not only to the Defendant's original medical mismanagement. This situation also is attributed to the Defendant's subsequent actions which have caused delays and confusion in the extreme in pursuing further medical care locally. The full extent of the harm cannot yet be fully comprehended.
  2. I further explained that since I had not been able to locate a physician who could provide me with the treatment necessary to alleviate my condition, that the constant bone pain day and night, accompanied by fatigue, means that my physical stamina continues to be profoundly limited. My small reservoir of physical energy has been exhausted by the necessity for a high level of self-education and participation in my own medical care, by shouldering the load of undoing the Defendant's mis­directions, and not least by the emotional anguish associated with having to repeatedly introduce myself and my medical history to a new physician only to be rejected a short time later. Due to the effects of both the original and ongoing damage by the Defendant, my physical and emotional reserves have been utterly depleted, and the required legal processes cannot be set forth under continued synonymous circumstances.
  3. In addition, the fact that this disease and the pain associated with it has prevented me from working since 1984, also means that I have not the financial resources to devote to legal expenses to pursue this matter immediately as the Defendant requests.


THAT once the full effects of my disease are known and have been provided with medical solutions, I fully intend to pursue the within action with all due diligence. That all aspects of my medical history to date are well documented by a large resource of written medical records, charts, X-Ray and Nuclear-Medicine Scan films, plus my own considerable documentation placed on record, so that it will not be necessary or even desired to rely solely on the memory of witnesses at such time as this matter should come to trial. That in support of proof of the availability of written coverage, particularly of the events surrounding the Defendant's referral of my case to the Mayo Clinic as well as the progress, or lack thereof, in my recovery since the Defendant terminated his care of me, several documents have been sworn as Declarations and append this my Affidavit.


THAT to date my ability to achieve medical solutions with respect to my disease and to pursue the within legal action has been exacerbated by the Defendant's persistent efforts to malign my person among the medical community in the City of Saskatoon, by the Defendant's efforts to interfere in other needed physician-patient relationships, and by the Defendant's efforts to confuse the medical history. I ask that he be restrained in future from all such communications regarding my character, integrity, and medical history.


THAT I make this Affidavit in response to the Defendant's application that the within action be dismissed with costs. In the event this Honourable Court should determine it advisable to set a time period within which I must proceed with the within action, I ask that I be given such time as is necessary to determine the full effect of my disease, and receive medical relief for my physical condition so that I have the strength to participate fully in the proceedings, as well as the information necessary to establish my claim.


THAT I also make this Affidavit in support of an order restraining the Defendant from communicating directly or indirectly with any physician I may consult with respect to my care and treatment except as may be expressly requested and authorized by myself.


THAT I further request the costs of the within application.

SWORN BEFORE ME at the City ) ____________________
of Saskatoon, in the Province of ) Georgena S. Sil
Saskatchewan, this   12th   day )  
of  December ,  A.D. 1988. )  
N. Ayers  
Georgena S. Sil
Saskatoon, Canada
Physicist & Technical Writer
Alumnus: University of British Columbia

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