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Police Exhibit #69 (page 3)

5 Well-Defined Abuse Episodes from Dr. Yelland

Justice Ministry:  Exhibit Numbers

This document, called the History/Affidavit, was processed by three different branches of Sask Justice. Each recipient assigned his own exhibit number:

Sgt. James Bracken labeled his copy:
Police Exhibit #69.

Prosecutor Fred Dehm labeled his copy:
Crown Exhibit #82.

When the document was filed in Saskatoon Provincial Court at the Preliminary Inquiry, Judge Singer assigned this final number:
Court Exhibit D-2.

Sgt. Bracken Police Exhibit #69
Fred Dehm Crown Exhibit #82
Judge Singer Court Exhibit D-2

Harassment Incited by Dr. Yelland
Five Well-Documented Episodes

1. Dr. Lacny and Dr. Walker

On March 21, I asked Dr. Lacny and Dr. Walker at the MediClinic on 8th Street to keep me as a patient, when Yelland moved to Pacific Avenue. Doctors Lacny and Walker did speak language to me which was lewd, obscene, and an attack on my character. It is not these physicians I blame, because Dr. Yelland persuaded them that I “wanted” to hear such sleaze. The fact they believed I “liked to hear” sexual language was the reason they turned down my case. Since my medical case is complex, and finding a new physician is difficult, I was forced at great distress to return temporarily to Dr. Yelland.

Later note: GPs Dr. Andrew Lacny and Dr. Grace Walker worked alongside Dr. Yelland at the Saskatoon MediClinic. Police records revealed that Yelland, aside from his emotional violence, was embroiled at that time in an acrimonious financial dispute with the MediClinic head Dr. Lacny. On March 1, 2001 Yelland abruptly left his employ there and joined a practice on Pacific Avenue.

2. Physiotherapist Sharon Murza

To treat the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in my foot, I requested physiotherapy. Because of my fatigue level, I asked for arrangements via Saskatoon District Health Community Services; they send the physio to the client's home, to save the client going out.

  • On April 10/01, Sharon Murza started physiotherapy in my home with no problems.
  • On April 19/01, during my office consult with my GP Dr. Yelland, I mentioned my physio; though Dr. Yelland had made the referral, this was the first time he learned the specifics.
  • On April 23/01, Sharon Murza performed a second physio session in my home, and this time engaged in touching which was inappropriate and unrelated to my foot. It was unexpected and upsetting.
  • This caused me to terminate my relationship with Sharon Murza, which I did by letter to the head of the physiotherapy department.
  • I still needed physio for my foot, but I had to train myself to do this work; I was afraid to get involved with another physiotherapist, for as soon as Dr. Yelland heard about any new relationship, he would corrupt it.
  • Dr. Yelland's chart page from April 19 is attached, wherein he records that I had started ultrasound (U/S) and physio. My letter to the department head, plus their correspondence, confirms the dates. This established beyond any doubt in my mind that these episodes of sexual harassment are not random events.

3. Pacific Avenue Medical Building:  Dr. Yelland’s Staff

On May 18, 2001 while waiting in the waiting-room at Dr. Yelland's office for a pre-arranged appointment, I saw a group of 3 or 4 receptionists, secretaries, and/or nurses gather suddenly at the front desk, focus their attention directly at me, and speak tawdry commentary. This was so obscene that I exited the waiting-room and sat in the outer building lobby to wait for my appointment. I did not challenge the staff, as I knew from past experience that Dr. Yelland was the source: once again, he had used his power as my physician to persuade others that I “liked” or “expected” to hear sleaze.

I did think the cause might be an unfortunate spelling of one of my treatments, namely the biphosphonate used to increase bone mineral density for patients with osteoporosis. I placed a letter on file suggesting a constructive solution: that we just change the terminology. This letter dated May 24/01 is attached.

Later note: This is an example of how victims initially look inward to decipher the trigger of abuse. But no matter what you refine or alter in your public face, the abuse continues unabated. Very soon, one recognizes there is one wellspring: the perpetrator. He experiences his emotions so intensely that he cannot separate what he wants, from what other people want. In addition: Yelland may have been ingesting, and was almost certainly distributing, a drug such as Ecstasy which elevates the libido and decreases social inhibitions. The evidence is behavioral: Conduct from others that was out-of-character, hyper, carnal, accompanied by giddy laughter, of a well-defined duration (a few hours), after which things settled to quiet normalcy.

4. Pacific Avenue Medical Building:  Pharmacy

Within the next few days, I heard the same tawdry language from the pharmacy which filled my prescriptions, located across the lobby from Dr. Yelland's clinic. I placed my May 24/01 letter on file with this pharmacy. To my mind, Dr. Yelland had to be the source, since my own topics of conversation were pure science.

5. Victoria Place Apartment Building

Dating from April 2001, superintendent Alexandria Schitka subjected me to repeat episodes of sexual harassment. This involved lewd, flamboyant poses and gestures whenever I needed to exit my home. Alexandria would stride out of the manager's office when she saw my scooter exit the elevator in the lobby; she would block my path, and behave as if she were a burlesque stage performer. Since I am sitting down, this occurs at my eye level. Alexandria persisted for a year, despite stunned and shocked looks on my face. In March 2002, after a particularly vulgar performance, I wrote my observations to the Human Rights Commission and sent a copy to my apartment manager (letters attached).

Note I am middle-aged, ill, very tired, in a wheelchair, and my entire focus is science. Frankly, it is far-fetched that a person such as myself should be subjected to repeated sexual harassment. Any reasonable person would agree. I suspect a single source, namely that Dr. Yelland once again persuaded others that I “wanted” to be related to in a sexual way. The GP Dr. Yelland was not only interfering with my medical relationships, he was interfering with my home as well.

Support from Laurier Drive Clinic

The Laurier Drive Clinic was established for minor emergencies, not for continuing care. Nevertheless I attended at this Clinic between May 30/01 and Nov 22/01, as they understood my need for refuge away from Dr. Yelland. They accepted me on a temporary basis until I located a permanent physician.

The majority of my consults here were with Dr. Gene Jonat. He encouraged me in my medical care, and also provided advice about locating a permanent doctor. But in his list of potential choices, Dr. Jonat wrote at the top of the list the names of two doctors practicing in the Pacific Avenue Medical Building. This was at my final appointment on Nov 22/01. Judging from his demeanor, I suspect that Dr. Jonat was bowing to pressure from Dr. Yelland to get me back into the Pacific Avenue Building. I explained to Dr. Jonat that I could not return to Pacific Avenue, even to a different doctor in a different office, because of expectations of continued interference from Dr. Yelland.

In fact, I did more than explain. I fell apart; in tears and at length I described to Dr. Jonat my experience and my distress at being stalked by Dr. Yelland. I used the word “predator”: someone who cannot understand that No means No, but who thinks that No means Yes.

Dr. Jonat advised me that I should contact the authorities, namely the Saskatoon Police. He was right, but I felt that when a doctor was at fault, I would need iron-clad evidence, and I hoped that distance would solve the problem instead.

Dr. Jonat then wrote on his list the names of physicians on the east side of the city, and I chose the Cumberland Clinic, which is two miles distance from the city center (thus two miles distance from Pacific Avenue).

Georgena S. Sil
June 1, 2002

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