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Jeffrey Segal, MD:  Fee Structure

Fees in 2018 versus 2011

Segal Malpractice Plan: Overview

Dr. Jeffrey Segal calls his new malpractice plan eMerit. This version omits the controversial Web Anti-Defamation Package (popularly called the Gag Contract). The target audience is now limited to physicians practicing in the United States. The range includes the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico since it is an unincorporated territory of the USA (though not a state).

Malpractice insurance rates are proportional to the risk inherent in a specialty. Combining obstetrics or surgery with a family practice, for example, sharply increases the risk and rates. Rates vary by geographic region as malpractice legislation varies widely across the USA; each state enacts its own civil law code, which may prove more or less favorable to doctors. However, Segal divides medical specialties into a cumbersome labyrinth: on his list we count 167 sub-specialties, many of which show identical insurance rates.

Tuum Est first explored Segal's malpractice fees in 2011. We selected ten combinations of specialty/location for good representation across the field of medicine, and across the USA. In 2018 we repeated the work on the same combinations, to allow a direct comparison over time. The results are in the table below.

Fee status in 2018: Segal has not increased the cost of his malpractice insurance since 2011. His one and only change was to drop the Web Anti-Defamation Package or Gag Waiver, and replace it with a Patient Satisfaction Survey.

The public may explore Segal's eMerit fee tables: the process is anonymous; no obligation is entailed and there is no identity check. Visit Segal's website at Medical Justice Services, Inc. then follow these steps:

  • In the top menu bar, click:  Purchase/Renew > Enroll Online
  • This takes you to a form with four drop-down menus where you choose your country, state, specialty, and malpractice plan. Choose the last plan in the list (Full-Nose Retro Coverage) to obtain maximum information.
  • To get your price quote, click the button:  Continue to Step 2.
  • Save as a webpage or PDF if desired. Those steps are free and informational. Steps 3 and beyond deal with the actual sign-up.


Medical Licences

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Segal is based in North Carolina, though early in his career he branched out across the USA in search of a more lenient malpractice climate.

Segal ended up with a licence to practice medicine in 6 different states. Currently most are flagged abandoned or canceled for non-payment. The list is:

  • North Carolina
    Segal License #200000308
    Status: Active
  • Indiana
    Segal License #01042150A
    Status: Active
  • California
    Segal License #A 49257
    Status: Canceled
  • Florida
    Segal License #ME59330
    Status: Relinquished
  • Illinois
    Segal License #036092774
    Status: Not Renewed
  • Texas
    Segal License #G8409
    Status: Canceled, Non-Payment

Malpractice Lawsuits

In the state of Indiana, Segal was charged twice with malpractice for reckless injury of patients. The two plaintiffs were David Bedwell (1996), and Mark Bachelor (2001). In result Segal abandoned his career to sell malpractice insurance.

Compare Fees 2011 and 2018:  Segal Malpractice Plan
Medical Specialty
& Location (USA)
Fee Structure 2011 Fee Structure 2018

Form to
Obtain a

From Segal

Medical Justice
Services Inc.

Segal Medical Justice Form 2011: Get a Quote Segal eMerit Form 2018: Enroll Online



Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Anesthesiology, Illinois Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Anesthesiology, Illinois

General Surgery


Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: General Surgery, Minnesota Segal eMerit Fee 2018: General Surgery, Minnesota



Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Orthopedic Surgery, Minnesota Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Orthopedic Surgery, Minnesota

Invasive /

District of

Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Cardiology, DC Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Cardiology, DC

and Oncology


Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Hematology and Oncology, WA Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Hematology and Oncology, WA



Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Emergency Medicine, Alaska Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Emergency Medicine, Alaska

Family Practice
(Some Obstetrics)


Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Family Practice, Maine Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Family Practice, Maine

Allergy and
Clinical and Lab


Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Allergy and Immunology, California Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Allergy and Immunology, California


Ontario, Canada

Canada (2011)
Gag Contract only

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Rheumatology, Ontario, Canada

Segal: Brief Foray into Canada

  • Segal was circumspect with Canadian MDs, who already have a bellicose agency the Canadian Medical Protective Association or CMPA to defend them in malpractice and criminal cases.
  • In Canada Segal offered only the Web Anti-Defamation Package. The time span was 2007 to 2011, at which time Segal withdrew the Gag Contract from all countries.

Family Practice
(Some Obstetrics)

Puerto Rico

USA Territory

Puerto Rico: Brokering Medical Licenses

To practice medicine in Puerto Rico, candidates must attain passing grades on all three sections (Basic Skills, Clinical Skills, and Practical) of their Medical Board Exam. Corrupt substitution of scores allowed 113 failing candidates to improperly complete the Exam and thus fraudulently obtain medical licenses in Puerto Rico. Read  FBI Press Release

Puerto Rico as a Country

Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean Sea, became a United States territory in 1898, after the U.S. defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war. Puerto Ricans claim American citizenship by birth. Unlike Hawaii, Puerto Rico is not a state and has no voting power in Congress. Read History

Full Coverage

Segal Medical Justice Fee 2011: Family Practice, Puerto Rico Segal eMerit Fee 2018: Family Practice, Puerto Rico
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