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Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases.

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.

Judge L.D. Brandeis US Supreme Court

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About Rogue Police

The Saskatoon Police Service is a sick police force

The observation above, attributed to lawyer Tanis Talbot, gets somber agreement from defence attorneys across the city of Saskatoon, Canada. The rot spans two decades. There have been monumental miscarriages of justice — David Milgaard, the Klassen and Kvello families, Neil Stonechild.

And more recent cases abound. Rogue Police illuminates some of the ignoble actions committed by Saskatoon justice officials who abuse their positon of trust. The cases that are presented on this site are well-documented, on the formal court record.

Traits of Rogue Officers

Police officers bent on committing wrongs sorely resent educated citizens, for obvious reasons. Knowledge is not power in a detention cell, but it does give you the ability to scrutinize what you hear; you develop a carapace against deception; and you are better able to defend your case later with Statesman-like dignity in court.

Another trait: Rogue police officers openly exploit the most vulnerable people in society including the physically disabled.

Personal experience: From Saskatoon Sgt. James Bracken I heard surly resentment at the mere mention of physics (my field of study), and epithets such as "morbid curiosity" flung at patients who by necessity are well-informed about their own uncommon, long-term, or debilitating health conditions. Such epithets are emotional blackmail; do not succumb to it.

Egregious Abuse of Authority

For purposes of our investigative journalism, we define abuse of authority by Saskatoon Police Officers thus:

Two of the major cases we cite:

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