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Charges Laid Against Veteran Police Officer

Saskatoon Police Insp. Allan Stickney was arrested for impaired driving outside a Broadway bar, and is now suspended from duty. Apart from criminal charges in court, Stickney faces internal disciplinary proceedings under the Saskatchewan Police Act. On the night of the arrest, long-time friend and fellow officer Sgt. Tim Korchinski ‘unarrested’ Stickney, removed his handcuffs and drove him home. Korchinski was charged with obstruction of justice.

Insp. Al Stickney
Insp. Allan Stickney Stickney left the bar, swaying and staggering past two rookie constables walking their beat, who arrested Stickney when he took the wheel of his van. A crony, Sgt. Tim Korchinski, released Stickney, allowing him to evade a breathalyzer test. Public Prosecutions relied on the rookies' observations to charge Stickney with drunk driving.

SASKATOON  —   A veteran city police officer has been charged with an impaired driving offence stemming from last summer, but the senior officer who faced allegations of initially trying to prevent the arrest will not be going to court.

Following a review of the case by Saskatchewan Justice, police announced Friday that Insp. Allan Stickney has been charged with being in care and control of a vehicle while impaired.

He is to appear in court December 18.

Police Chief Clive Weighill said justice officials recommended no charges be laid against the other officer, a sergeant. Although he wouldn't confirm the name, sources have previously identified the officer as Sgt. Tom Korchinski.

“He's been reinstated and he's back to work,” said Weighill, adding the sergeant is now the subject of an internal administrative investigation.

He said the internal review should be completed within two to three weeks. Stickney and Korchinski were suspended with pay following the incident, which occurred at about 2 a.m. on July 28.

Police initially reported that two constables walking a beat in the Broadway Avenue area came upon Stickney behind the wheel of a parked vehicle with its engine idling.

Stickney, off-duty at the time, was arrested. Korchinski was called to the scene and made a decision to discontinue the investigation.

The two constables brought the issue forward and were interviewed by internal affairs officers. An investigation resumed into an allegation of impaired driving by Stickney and included the new allegation of obstruction of justice by Korchinski.

Weighill said he's pleased with the professionalism of the two lower-ranking officers. “They did what was proper that evening and they've done everything asked of them in this investigation.”

He said the decision not to criminally charge the sergeant should not discourage younger officers from making allegations against senior officers. “A charge has been laid, so I think the message is clear: If any rank in our organization infringes on the law, they'll be dealt with.”

Korchinski, a member of the vice unit, is temporarily re-assigned to the force's detention unit, pending the internal review.

Stickney, past-president of the Saskatoon Police Association, has been a member of the service for 27 years. He remains suspended with pay and, following the court process, will also be subject to an internal review by the force.

Weighill said police sent a strong message to its members earlier this year that drunk driving will not be tolerated.

Const. Matthew Ward pleaded guilty in court in May to impaired driving while off duty. After leaving the Eighth Street Boston Pizza in April, he crashed into another car at Main Street and Cumberland Avenue. No one was injured, but he had a blood-alcohol reading of 0.13.

A judge fined him $750 and prohibited him from driving for one year. After an internal police review, Ward was suspended without pay for 30 days.

Saskatchewan: Full Court Rulings

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Saskatchewan Provincial Court / Judge V.H. Meekma / Conviction

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Saskatchewan Queen's Bench Court / Judge M.D. Action / Appeal: Conviction Upheld