Apple Privacy Question: Email 2013

Edward Snowden:  Software Giants Amass Cellphone Metadata
Next Breach of Public Trust:  Voiceprints (Biometric Identifiers)

Chat is a form of real-time communication done in a browser window. When I needed tech support for my new iPod, I went online to AppleCare Chat on June 18, 2013. The first Chat session didn't resolve the issues, thus I opened a second Chat session the same day. I got nowhere until I discovered Apple's Privacy Question page, and through there submitted an email titled Allow Customer to Limit Contact Method.

  First Chat Apple made 8 separate demands that I change over to a telephone call
  Second Chat Apple made 7 additional persistent demands for telephone contact
 • Privacy Question Apple made 1 final audacious demand for telephone contact

Data-mining of cellphone metadata and voiceprints could explain Apple's coercive attempts for telephone contact. But clients can say no, and stand firm. Read the full text of the Privacy Question Email below.

Telephone demands are highlighted in blue

Device:  Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen
Store:  Future Shop, Saskatoon, Canada
Serial Number  ---
Chat Case  ---
True purchase date:  June 7, 2013
Purchase date on record at Apple:  May 8, 2013

Country:  CA
Feedback type:  Privacy issues

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